Eric Mikkelsen


I'm a Web Accessibility Specialist and web developer focusing on what makes things easier for humans, whether it's accessibilty, web performance, or just being a decent human being.

Work history

This is every where I worked, aside from my 13 year stint at Starbucks.

Boldium — UX Engineer

At Boldium, I work as a Web Accessibility specialist and UX engineer, the main bit of my job is web development. I usually work on Eleventy, Nuxt, Astro, and Wordpress sites. But I also work with the (amazing) design team to make sure our work is accessible.

Sprout Social — Web Engineer

At Sprout I worked on the marketing properties and I was part of the Accessibility Advisory Board working with the marketing design department to maintain the accessibility for our designs.

Mightybytes — Web Developer

At Mightybytes, I built websites in Wordpress, HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. I learned best practices such as tooling with Gulp, version control with Git, LESS & SCSS preprocessors, and templating through Twig.

Tribune Publishing — Web Developer