When I started at Boldium, one of the designers asked me if any colors worked with both black and white, and I told them that you have #767676 and that's it. Then they spent a day with a color picker, and proved me wrong with a crazy vibrant orange. So I built as a list of all the colors that met the WCAG AA contrast requirements of 4.5 to 1, against both black and white.


Aside form literally list 200,000+ hexcodes, I wanted to make this to work on any device, so I focused on making this work on Opera Mini, IE 8, and then the rest of the usual suspects (recent versions of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, etc).


At some point I'd love to add a feature for assembling a palette and exporting it to Figma, Illustrator, Tailwind, and other design and dev focused environments.

Technology used